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Hacker War[ez] - Game v1 Hacker War[ez] - Game v1

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ok, i've never writen a review, cos i really can't be bothered, but, when i see something as stupid as this i need to comment. First what the fuck is with the titlehacker war[ez] warez has nothing to do with hacking, so y'd u put that there? and the grafix are worse than the ones i use from my stupid-assed movie. wot 'old-skool' commands do u put in dos to hack ppl, i bet u dont even fuckin know. sub7 needs a client file to be sent for it to work, and it doesn't need to be registered to work or anything. so all that being sed this had to be the most stupid, try-hard hacking, gay piece of shit i've ever seen.
so fuck you.